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Dear Club Members,

Recently some of our Clubs were victimized by a “spear phishing” attack. Spear phishing attempts are customized emails that target a specific individual (often executives) and can come from anyone. They usually convey a sense of urgency and are requesting a specific action to be done. For example, the email may appear to come from the Club President to the Treasurer requesting a wire transfer to a 3rd party.

If you receive any emails of this nature, you should immediately confirm the authenticity of the email with the person from whom it was supposedly sent. Do not do this by replying to the email, as it may go right back to the hacker and can subject you to the possibility of further cyber-attacks. Instead, call the person directly who allegedly sent the email. If you are unable to reach them, wait until you do, prior to transferring any money or completing any action. Sophisticated hackers access the calendars of their targets and will often send the attack email when they know the person they are impersonating is traveling or otherwise difficult to reach.

You have also undoubtedly heard the news this week of a widespread cyber-attack primarily impacting companies in Europe, but which has been spreading to the United States. This particular attack takes advantage of an exploit in older versions of Windows and gains initial entry through “phishing” emails, which may contain an attachment or a link which, if opened, grants the hacker access to the system and other systems on your network.

If you receive any suspicious email, we recommend you immediately delete the email and advise your fellow officers, without replying to the original email.

Best Regards,

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